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                                        Classical Guitar Program
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 If you are ready to expand beyond Guitar Hero, and want to do something truly rewarding for yourself as a person, consider our classical guitar instruction programs.
We teach you how to read music, count rhythm patterns, and interpret different styles, as well as giving you the power of music theory and history.
   You will be able to literally play any piece of music written in the past 300 years . . . or perhaps even write your own!

We want you to have the ability to be what you want to be, whether it's to strum chords while gathered around the campfire, become a famous rock star or a classical guitar recording artist, or contributing to the worship atmosphere at your church.  With a good foundation, and time spent skill-building at home, you can be anything you want to be - and we want to help you get there!
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With the availability of affordable group classes, as well as individual private instruction,  the Guitar programs at The Music Academies can teach you how to truly master this popular instrument.   We even have starter programs that include the guitar!

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