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        The following programs are available as community resource programs
                   through Michigan's Homeschool Partnership program.
Spring 2018 Classes/Lessons Day
Private Music Lessons in the following instruments: piano, violin, fiddle,  viola, cello, classical guitar, electric guitar,voice, beginning snare drum, recorder, harmonica, and  ukulele.  Days and times vary depending on each individual student. Each week students will be given assignments based on their individual level of performance. Each student will be given assignments to be practiced at home on at least 5 days of the week. On a weekly basis the instructor will have the student play his or her pieces and correct any errors, give examples of how to play their pieces correctly to encourage progress and learning in both physical skills and musical concepts. Students will review with  the instructor on a weekly basis musical notation, rhythm patterns and theory assignments to ensure they are making progress. Students will perform in a fall or spring recital, dates to be determined.
Location:  115 N 3rd St, Niles, MI
Additional Costs:  instruction Book (varies by instrument) - approx. $10-12
KiddyKeys Piano Class  KiddyKeys is a multi-faceted approach to learning music at a young age. This course emphasizes creativity and self-worth to introduce music appreciation and understanding to young children.  Students will learn basic note reading, rhythm notation, musical symbols.  This class teaches the young child hand-eye coordination through use of rhythm instruments and piano technique, with a dedicated music time focusing on composers and  listening skills. For Ages 5-6; Maximum class size: 8
Location:  115 N 3rd St, Niles, MI
Additional Costs:  instruction Book (varies by instrument) - approx. $10-12

Orchestral Strings Students will be taught proper technique on holding the bow and instrument, finger patterns, note reading and rhythm patterns on violin, viola, and cello. A concert will be given at the end of the semester.  They will be instructed on the proper procedures for effective practice and  listening skills and proper sight reading skills.  The correct way to prepare for a performance and  performance procedures will also be taught.  Beginning students will have songs to play within the first few weeks and a performance at the end of the semester.
Practice at home is a course requirement for 5 out of 7 days a week in addition to playing in class.
 Students are responsible for having and caring for their own instruments; we can assist in acquiring or renting the appropriate instrument for each student at reasonable cost.  Please do not buy a cheap instrument from the internet without instructor approval.  For ages 9+
Location: 9123 George St, Berrien Springs, MI

Additional Costs:  instruction Book (varies by instrument) - approx. $10-12; Instrument rental, $160+/year


Kids Choir   This course will provide students with a positive musical experience. Students will learn the lines and space names for bass and treble clef, basic rhythm patterns, musical symbols, key signatures. They will learn to sing scales on the solfege system and beginning sight-reading skills will be taught.  Two Performances will be given: dates and location TBD.      For ages 10 and older
Location:  115 N 3rd St, Niles, MI

Song Writing & Recording   This course is designed to teach students how to write their own song.  Students will learn how to construct the proper lyrics using correct form.  How to compose the correct melody to go with your lyrics. Students will learn to read proper musical notation and symbols.  They will be taught how to use music writing software and  recording software.
Materials needed:  note book for taking notes, pencil.    For ages 10 and older

Location:  115 N 3rd St, Niles, MI
Mon  9:30am
Music Composition and Theory This course will take the young student on a musical adventure using poetry.  Discover how poetry and music have worked together for hundreds of years.  The student will lean to write  basic poems in correct style and create a simple melody of their own to create a musical masterpiece. Students  will learn proper musical notation and symbols.    For ages 5-9
Location:  115 N 3rd St, Niles, MI
M-Sa Arranged
Niles Orchestra This course is designed to offer a study into both classical and popular music, bringing together all the different parts of an orchestra  to perform various styles of music.  We will learn about the composers who wrote our performance pieces.  There will be two concerts for the semester, the first concert will consist of  classical music and the second will be a musical performance. Students will learn  proper performance technique, increase their sight reading skills, how and what to listen for when playing with a group  and perfecting rhythm skills.  Students must have at least two years experience playing their instrument.  For ages 12+.
Location:  1451 E Broadway, Niles, MI
Sun  2:00pm

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